Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4th: Small Breakthroughs for Marco (It is important to celebrate the things that seem small...)

One of Marco's big challenges is not talking directly to/at people. He talks up a blue streak, but not at us. In the past 3 months he has really begun to talk, talk, talk but it is all repetitive stuff, he repeats things after us but does not ask us for anything. (So at least we know there is language in there. I consider this a baseline, a place to work from. Not a negative thing :) )
The other day we were in the car, the 4 of us, and from the back seat comes a little voice: water...(the spelling is the same in English and Dutch, but he used the Dutch pronounciation). I looked at him and he repeated what seemed like a request. Of course we were in the car. Damn! Here Marco asks for something and we can not grant his request. 10 minutes later at my Mom's house, Aaron remembered his request, we gave him a little bottle of water (he loves having his own container, that is a typical small kid thing though) and he drank like he was dried out. The next day, the same thing happend, this time he asked for juice. We were in the car once again, but I had juice with me this time.
This morning we got to school, and I had a breakfast bar for Marco (stellar mommy that I am, sometimes I feed my kids prepared food.) I gave it to his tutor to give to him and she bent down to his level and asked him: Marco, do you want this? And he said "Yes". WOW. Sometimes it is interesting (I have no other words) to see what our SP's (Service Providor- anyone who works with our kids) can get out of our kids. If I let it, it can actually make me feel a little bit bad as in "why did I not think of this". But I have to remind myself that these people are here to HELP us, and we can learn from them if we actually allow ourselves. It is the best thing for the kid.

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