Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March 30, 2009: Marco and Rusty and the Water

Marco really likes water. He would probably eat his dinner in bath if we let him. He can hang over the sink for an hour and play with the water coming out of the faucet if we let him. When I do let him play, Rusty the cat is there immediately because, even though he gets fresh water, there seems to be nothing quite like being able to drink it from the faucet when it is running. It must be a cat thing...

Last weekend I took some pictures of them in our hallway bathroom in the mirror. I think they came out cute!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 25th, 2008: Milestones

Annelies had her 4 month well-baby checkup today. I always anticipate these checkups because I am excited to find out her weight and height, to see how she is growing. I did this with Marco also. Since Annelies has been a lot more interactive (smiling, making faces back at us, following us around the room with her eyes and head- especially Marco-), I felt pretty good about her progress. Our Doctor is always glad to see us, she has a warm spot for Annelies. That is a good feeling also. Annelies was not so thrilled about being undressed to get on the scale. Just like most women, I guess. Who wants to get on the scale? She had just eaten, so her weight was a bit inflated but the scale kept flipping between 13 lbs and 12. 15 1/5, so we settled on the 12 lb, 15.5 oz (since she had just finished drinking about 4 oz). Her length is 24 1/2 inches. That puts her at 50% for her weight and 75% for her lenght on the regular charts! This is great news, we are thrilled she is growing so well. She is getting ready for some solid foods soon (some applesauce and sweet potato like we did for Marco).

Annelies is developing really well. The PT comes every week, and is thrilled with her progress. She has almost complete neck control, and wants to roll over but is not there yet. So physically she is starting to show some delays, but is still within normal range. I am beginning to learn what's normal for her, and will be comparing her to herself rather than to other children, or god forbid, milestones in books. I did that with Marco and drove myself insane. I am learning that it is so important to enjoy the moments with her (and with Marco, who is taking his sweet time learning to speak, and that is OK). I guess sometimes in this society we want to compare and we want to come out ahead or even, not 'behind'. Well, it is all about perception, isn't it? Annelies will not be behind where it comes to being loved and nurtured, and trying her best to be who she can be. I think that is what counts.

The PT gives us gets excercices to do with Annelies, which tires her out quite a bit (Aaron is really good about doing them with her, so is my Mom. I do them mostly while we are playing, especially during the week since I am not around as much). She lifts her legs up all the time when she lays on her back (see enclosed pic). She is also starting to hold onto her bottle herself. The PT loves this. Most of it sounds like regular baby stuff, and it is, which is SO COOL. She has incredible try in her, she loves to lay on my stomach and lift up her head and smile (she has been smiling a lot, too). She makes all kinds of sounds now. The other really cool thing is that the Doctor is sure that Annelies will (be able to) speak normally. Her palate is shaped normally, and her tongue also. I am sure we will get speech tharapy, but I am very positive about her future.