Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oct 16, 2009; Past and Future

Today was a wonderful day. Annelies and I woke up in the Denver area (Aurora to be exact). It was the first full day of our Colorado adventure. Since we did not have any 'dates' until the afternoon, I decided to head North to Greeley, my old College town. We stopped on our way out of town at Starbucks and headed North on I-25. We made it to Greeley by 10 am (I always get up early when I travel, so did Annelies, but she is always early). It was so strange and cool to be back on the campus! We drove around, and I snapped pics on my cellphone to send to Aaron. A lot has changed, a lot of nice new buildings. I loved the campus back then, and it is even nicer now. We parked the car, and took a long walk around Campus. In front of my old dorm, we took a break and I gave Annelies her bottle (see pic). It was so cool to be back. The weather was glorious. It was only today, sitting there looking at Lawrenson Hall in front of me, that I realized how much I appreciate my College days there. It was a rich experience, difficult at times because I funded most of it myself. Stressful sometimes because I worked my way through, and was so often freaked out at the thought about having to support myself afterwards. (Who the heck was going to give me a job??? LOL! Never should have worried about that.) I would not have had it any other way. I sat and reflected and felt good about where I came from. Students there are so nice, I talked with a couple of them. Then I did something I was never able to do during my college time: I spent $200 at the store to buy sweatshirts and T shirts and other gifts. That was awesome!

In the afternoon we headed to Arvada to meet Robin and Teri and their kids. Each of these women has an older son with Ds, and a younger daughter (Robin's daughter Janet is 13, Teri's daughter Suzie is 2). It was great to see Annelies hit it off with Suzie, they played on the floor (Suzie is a quick crawler, but will probably be walking soon). Teri's son Chris held Annelies for a while. Seeing these older kids with Ds was a revelation to me. It showed me how rich Annelies' future has the potential to be. After the visit with Teri, Robin and kids Annelies and I headed to Applebee's to meet Jaime and Makinna (see picture...Annelies giving her Lip Of Discontent to Makinna, LOL). Makinna just turned 10, she is a lovely young girl attending 4th grade in a typical school. She is more like all other 10 yr olds than different. She talks in slang, loves horses, and shoes. She has friends in school who love hanging out with her. Once again, my heart was filled with excitement and hope for Annelies' future.

As I drove home, I reflected back on how this day took me to a piece of my past, and then showed me possibilities for the future.