Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sept 7th, 2010: Road Trip with a Delay

Yesterday was the big day! We were so excited to embark on our first big Road Trip with Marco! Annelies is at Grandma's house, we decided it would be a bit too much for her. In light of all that happened last year we also decided that it would be great for Marco to have a little alone time with us. So we hit toe open road! And then...the car started doing weird things. It felt like a fuel filter problem first, but then it became quickly evident that it was the transmission. By this time we made it to Reno, and I am GLAD that was where we were. Pulled over into a parking lot and called AAA. Tow truck guy came out and towed us to a transmission shop, which was closed due to the Holiday of course. So the tow truck guy (really nice guy!!!) took Aaron to Hertz to rent a car and Marco and I checked into the hotel next door to the transmission shop (how convenient!). Aaron rented a cool mini van, transferred all our stuff from the car into it (a lot of room!!!) and we went to early dinner after that. Tomorrow morning (oh, guess that will be this morning) we will check the car in with the transmission shop and go on our merry way. On the way back we will pick up my car (we were going to pass through Reno anyway, so it is not a detour. Just a small detour in our finances but these things happen!)
We are going to Yellowstone and Glacier National Park. Marco and I can not sleep (probably from all the excitement today) so we are in the hotel computer room, there are 2 computers. Marco is watching Blue Men Group on the other computer. It is teh only thing he will watch on a screen (he does not watch TV-not interested). He always asks for Blue Men Group when he sees a monitor. I do miss my little girl, but am focusing on having a good trip and seeing some beautiful sights neither Aaron or I (or Marco of course) have seen yet.