Monday, June 8, 2009

June 2, 2009: Annelies is 6 months old!

The little girl had her 1/2 Birthday a week ago! She went to the Pediatrician for the 6 month well-baby check-up, who is very happy with how things are going. Annelies is at this time very tall, in the 90 percentile on 'typical' charts. I hope she keeps growing as much as possible. (Hidden behind this comment is the hope that Annelies will be as tall as she can possibly be...people with Down Syndrome tend not to get too maybe I sound vain here. Not sure how to express it, but I think every parent wants their kid to be 'normal' and even though she has DS, I still want 'as normal as possible'. I have no doubt that over time I will come to accept everything for what it is, that 'normal' for us will be not normal for others. It is what it is. I obviously love Annelies in her own right, so no one needs to worry about that...) . And despite all the rolls she has (cuddly), she is in the 50% for weight. Love me them rolls though, they are so freaking cute!
Anyway, Annelies is really strong which helps her with her PT (weekly appointment, and then we work with her, too). She really wants to sit up, especially when there are people around her having conversations. She wants to be part of things. So at her latest PT appointment, we worked on sitting in a box (it is kind of cool that just plain things you find around the house double not only as toys but also as therapy aides.) Some pictures below. Our cat Rusty is not so happy that we stole his box, though...
She is rolling over from back to stomach and lays on her side too (this is good because it brings her arms together in front of her body...). She makes all kinds of sounds, and laughs frequently. She is very charming, has a very outgoing personality and warms up to people and situations quickly. But she is also sceptical, when something new happens, you can kind of see her think it over. Like when a new excercise is introduced. The way she looks at you kind of quisically like: You sure about this? That makes me happy; I want her to question and test things and situations, not just go along with them 'cause someone says so.
Personally, I am doing OK. I went to a naturalist Doctor, because now that my child bearing time is over, I have to lose weight. A lot of it. This Doctor is very nice, and tested my blood for things I might be short of. I am iron and vitamin D deficient. So I am taking those along with other vitamins, and have radically changed my eating to a basically Vegan way of eating for the time being (I say for the time being here but I know that there is no way you can ever sustain weight loss by going back to an old way of eating. It is just that, after a certain amount of time I will be able to add back some other foods but the way I now eat will remain the baseline of how I will eat in the future.)
It works out for me as long as I plan ahead of time. I find myself bringing LOTS of food to work (due to all the layoffs on my floor, the refrigerator is practically empty, so I can store a couple of day's worth of food there) and eating often but light types of food (lots of spinach, whole grain stuff, fruit and beans). The Doc also sent me to the gym, which I started a little too zestfully because right now my right arm hurts like hell (I pulled a muscle). I did not sleep at all last night, and it was so paindful that I called in to work this am to stay home. I am taking 800 mg of Ibuprifin (presription) and that helps a little. Good god, I did not know a muscle could hurt this much. Childbirth was less painful (and it took a lot less time). Well, I will go back to work tomorrow because I don't want to miss too much (busy time right now, new system that will be implemented this fall. Finally; we have been working on it for > 4 years!). The drugs should help (Not that new sytem, but my arm pain. LOL.)
I will have to take it easier in the gym, will just do the cardio for a couple of days (probably not tomorrow, if my arm is still really sore it is so painful to get dressed!) OK, enough about my pesonal stuff :) This is a long post! Thanks for hanging in there with me. I am adding some pics of Annelies I just love, some in her chair and some in her box (Rusty's box).