Friday, June 18, 2010

June 18th, 2010: Hup Holland (World Cup Soccer)

OK, we are ready for the NED-JAPAN game tomorrow morning!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16th, 2010: Made a Difference to That One...

We waited anxiously...

I got to hold Sofia...what a wonderful treat!!! Sofia and her Brother are starting to sweet!!!
The Sanchez family...all 6 of them!!!

A long time ago I read a story about a little boy who was on a beach throwing little crabs into the sea. These little crabs washed onto the sand, and if they were not lucky enough to be caught in an outgoing tide, they would die there. The beach was littered with these little crabs. A gentleman came by and asked the little boy how he felt about the fact that he could never, ever help all the little crabs out there. As answer, the little boy picked up a crab, threw it into the sea and said: "Made a difference to that one".
Recently, someone mentioned recently to me how they felt that adopting a child is nice but you can't possibly help all the childern out there, so why bother? I reminded them of the above story.
Yesterday I was honored to be part of a homecoming so, so special it will be with me forever. Yesterday, little Sofia, 16 months old, came to the US with her forever family. She was lovingly greeted by her 3 handsome older brothers (what a lucky girl!) and a group of nearly spastic, emotional, happy, proud 'aunties' holding signs and so much love in our hearts. It was something to behold. I have no pictures, because I forgot to bring my camera (it was a challenge to get myself out the door in time because I made a sign...and it was all very last minute...because well, that is how I roll).
Sofia let herself be held by all of us, she was so cool about it all. It will be so neat, years from now, when she reads her Mommy's blog and sees pictures and video (someone took video, did they not???). She will know what all the hub bub was all about, how super special she is and will always be. While listening to the happy chatter of my Sisters, I could not help but think: "We made a difference to that one..."