Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 22: Playing Together...Sort Of ;)

Today was the first time Marco and Annelies really kind of interracted. It was cute and surprising to see. Annelies was in her gym thingy (where she has things above her head that she can grab), and Marco was sitting near her head with his piano toy (a somewhat irritating toy that has 5 buttons that play popular tunes, and piano keys -Do to Do, 8 keys- he could actually play a song on if I tought it to him. I am teaching myself so I can teach him). Anyway, Marco hits the popular tunes and then the other keys randomly (we put tape over the speaker so it is not nearly as loud as it used to be). The thing was right near Annelies' head, and she was looking up to Marco (she tracks him always, which is really cool). So she started making noises, just regular baby noises, trying out her vocal cords. Then Marco would imitate her and laugh his little but off. It was so cute. It is neat to see Marco starting to kind of 'play' with her, for as much as that is possible at her age anyway. I took the attached pic on my cell phone to send to Aaron.