Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nov 2, 2010; Halloween!

This year, Marco got to go Trick or Treating for the very first time.  Initially we were wondering if it was even a good idea or if he would catch on to the idea.  What were we thinking?  Of course he caught on.  It took less than 3 times, and he proudly walked up to the doors, knocked or rang the bell and said: "Trick or Treat".  I am pretty sure Marco will probably not remember this night, he is only 3 after all.  He will see the pictures of course.  But I know Aaron will remember forever the first time he went T or T with his kiddo (Mom and Annelies stayed home to answer the door...Can't disappoint the neighborhood kids!!!)

My 2 favorite Firemen!!!

Verrrry tired afterwards!