Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Marco 17th, 2010: Bye Bye Mama

Three simple words, easily taken for granted by most parents of little ones who develop typically. Not so in this household. Until yesterday, when one of us said goodbye to Marco, we would tell him Bye bye (or Dag - in Dutch-) Marco and Marco would promptly repeat "Bye Bye Marco", then we would tell him to say Bye Bye Mama (or Daddy, Oma, Opa or whomever we were saying bye to.) Yesterday evening, Aaron was getting Marco ready for bed and I was heading out so I stopped by Marco's room to say bye. I said "Dag Marco" and he looked at me (this is so key for Marco- he is learning to make eye contact while addressing people) and said, clear as a bell: Bye Bye Mama. Aaron and I were almost in tears. I walked on air the rest of the evening with the feeling that for now, I knew that Marco will find his way in this world. His own unique way.

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