Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 1, 2009: Down Syndrome Convention in Sacramento

1) We saw a couple who are planning their wedding. This was a very hopeful experience. They had lunch in the deli we ate at on the first day, they were holding hands and having their lunch. It was neat to see a couple in love, that they have Ds was secondary.
2) There were too many workshops to choose from, so we decided to divide and conquer in some cases where I went to one and Aaron went to another. That way we learned about Special Needs Trusts, Cognitive Development and disciplining an child (this was useful for both kids), How to still take time & communicate as a couple (we did that one together), Brain development and different studies that are being held at UC Davis (because it is so close, Annelies will be part of the research).
3) I met a Mom who had her daughter Gracie 2 months before I did at the same hospital. She and I will be taking the girls back to the NICU to visit the nurses who were so helpful during our stay there. It will be nice to get together with her and talk over our experiences, and get the girls together for playdates.
4) Aaron met a nice Dad (I met him & his wife later on) from Rocklin, with a 17 month old son. We will be inviting this family over to our house for dinner and also sharing of experiences. This way we are now starting to build up a network of support.
5) We found that we have it so easy compared to many parents whose kids have multiple surgeries. It is not unheard of for a child with Ds to have upwards of 30 surgeries! We are grateful for Annelies’ health.
6) It was so nice to have a kid-less weekend! Aaron and I enjoyed Dinner and lunch out in Old Sac, at times we did not even know what to say to each other because we are not used to being alone together. He has been working a lot (trying to get as much as possible overtime to help pay off some bills.) We now know the importance of making an effort to spend some more time together sans kids. My Mom, on the other hand, was pretty beat after 2 days of running after Marco.

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