Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aug 7-9, 2009: A Nice Weekend

A Few highlights:

1) I was off on Friday, this gave me time to be at Annelies’ PT session, hold 3 horses for the farrier, ride PG and Genie, and have a massage while Aaron picked up Marco from daycare.
2) Saturday I cleaned the house, rode PG, Genie and Diabolo, de-wormed the horses, picked up supplements for myself and the horses and had a short visit with Edgar, swam with Marco (he had his arm bands on for the first time and was able to float in the water, a whole new experience for him), played with Annelies, took a nap in the afternoon.
3) Sunday I rode PG and Diabolo, did grocery shopping, cleaned house, started the laundry, had a little time to myself in the evening after Marco went to bed, had a great night sleep (this has been hard lately, so it is worth a mention when I do get it).

Health-wise I feel a lot better now that I have been taking vitamin D and Iron (among other supplements. I have more energy. I am also talking more time to workout (I use the gym at work). I lost 20+ lbs so far, have a long way to go but feel a lot better.

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