Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jan 21, 2009: Mixed Feelings

Today, the company I work for laid off 4% of its workforce, approximately 350 positions. So many mixed emotions there. A large group of my Department was let go. Many people who were let go were really positive about it, they have plans to go back to school and/or stay home with their kids, or have other jobs already. What saddens me is that positions were opened in India in order to cut positions in the US. This makes me mad and sad. The sarcastic part of me thinks maybe in a few years India will be oursourcing to the US. Sad LOL. Many of the positions cut were in IT/Help desk, about 300 (from what I heard).
After working in the same department for over 8 years, you can't help but feel about your co workers as a kind of extended family. You see them every day, they are a part of your life. To have a group of them cut out of your day to day is tough. You are grateful not to be let go but you feel guilty for feeling grateful because you know the people who did get let go. You wonder how these decisions are made. Another sarcastic part of me feels that whoever made these decisions still has a job.
I was close to some of the people let go, specifically one who worked on our floor. She and I went through the baby stuff together when I had Marco and she had her daughter. She is one of the most positive people I know. She is really positive about this whole thing, and will be successful at what she chooses to do next. I will so miss seeing her on a day to day basis though. Good thing there are things such as facebook to keep people connected these days.

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  1. Just wanted to say that I also used to feel that way; that need to tell people that Lauren has Ds. Now, not so much. Either they know already or they don't. Either way, they are drawn to her and enjoy her. That is all the information she needs to give@!