Friday, January 23, 2009

Jan 22nd: Wardrobe Malfunction

This is how I found Annelies this morning. Since she is starting to grow out of the outfits given to her by Aunt Ericka, she had to resort to wearing a nightgown. They are practical since they have an opening in the bottom for easy access. Well, it appears the opening in the top is practical for her for easy escape. She wiggles her way up while she sleeps, and the nightgown stays in place, thus exposing her shoulders and more if I don't get to her quickly. I laughed so hard when I saw her, and got my camera (god knows what she was thinking). The look she gave me was kind of like: Yeah, this is what happened to me. What are you gonna DO about it? Poor child. LOL.

And to think that Aaron was all concerned about having a daughter, and how she might dress during her teenage years. We can not drive through Loomis (especially around the time school lets out in the spring and summer) without him commenting on the way teenage girls dress these days (where was he in High School, I wonder? I don't think that much has changed...but Oh well). So a week ago or so, when we saw an interesting outfit, I looked at him and said: Well, with Annelies having Ds, this may be an issue you never have to worry about. She may have a different mind set from 'typical' teenagers when she gets to that point. How wrong was I?


  1. That is so funny...she must really have the shimmy, shimmy down. She is such a CUTE little one and it sounds like you are really enjoying her. Baby girl clothes are such fun!

  2. How cute is she? Just wanted to introduce myself from BBC...Congrats on Annelies...I have 3 children, our youngest is 9 months and has DS...I also have a blog...LOVE this blogging! Look forward to seeing her grow...glad everything is going great!