Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oct 6. 2010: Will You Step Up with Us?

Dear All,

The day Annelies was born one of the nurses on my floor made a connection between me and a Mom in the room next to me. Kathy’s 3½ year old son, David, has Down syndrome. She and her family had traveled the road we were about to embark on, and was able to tell me (along with many other things) that “IT WAS GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT”. She was there for me when I needed to ask questions as I came to terms with the diagnosis in the weeks after.
One of the Down syndrome Information Alliance’s main objectives is to ensure information is delivered to the right persons at the right time in the right place. DSIA organizes community outreach events which allow families living with Down syndrome to connect with each other. During these events, local siblings of kids with Ds meet each other in smaller groups and provide each other support. Parents meet in smaller groups (based on their children’s ages) and are given information and encouraged to share information about education, therapy, and other important issues. Educational events are organized where key-note speakers come and share pertinent information with parents about development, different therapies and research results.
One of the main objectives (my favorite one) of DSIA is to do what Kathy did for me that day; be there for new parents to answer questions and give support where and when needed. It would be wonderful if every family with a child who has a Ds diagnosis had the opportunity, when ready, to meet one of the parents who has been down this road to ask questions, someone who can be believed without a doubt when they say: “I have been in your shoes.” DSIA is working on implementing a plan that will allow for such connections.
The face of Ds has evolved (matured, in my opinion) over the past 50 or so years. With each generation, parents and teachers discover that Ds is not the main ‘thing’ about a person. Persons who have Ds are more like others than not, and also very different from one another. More and more, people who have Ds are actively involved in society; attending mainstream schools and figuring out what they enjoy doing, pursuing careers and eventually living independent lives, getting married and starting families of their own. DSIA is here to ensure parents and families are given information they so desperately need, hope at a time there seems to be none, examples and inspiration.
“SUDS” (Step Up for Down syndrome) is an annual fundraiser that enables DSIA to gather funds so they can continue services within our community. We would be honored if you would like to join our team at SUDS on October 17th at 10:00 am. We also know that time is limited for many of you, or you are not in our area, so there is the opportunity to donate to Annelies’ fundraising effort for DSIA. There is absolutely no pressure, I am not crazy about asking for money and only do so when the cause is important to me and those around me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this far if you have, donation or not.

Please use this Link to support Annelies’ fund raising efforts.

Please use this Link to join our team.

Warm Regards,
Debbie and Annelies Fisher

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