Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25th, 2010: Just Some Updates

This poor blog is in big danger of getting neglected now that I am back to work. I will do my best to post once a week though. (Not even sure if anyone READS this anymore anyway...) Luckily, I am currently not working on Monday's, which gives me more time with the kiddo's. We have 3 different therapy appointments on Monday, so it works out well.
Last Monday we took advantage of a free morning by having a music play date! It was the first time for me to host this many people in our house. I counted at least 15 kids (this included siblings). So much fun! Annelies had a great time, she was more comfortable and actually was intrigued by the guitar (see pictures). Maybe there is a little future musician in there :)
Wednesday, Marco had an MRI appointment at the UC Davis MIND institute. The grand plan was to have Marco fall asleep on the way there, get there with him still asleep, get him out of the care and into the building, preferably directly onto the MRI table, and do the procedure (30 minutes of weird gnashing sounds which are kind of dimmed by a headset. In perparation for this, we had let him listen to MRI sounds on a CD with the headset on while asleep. This was no problem.
So, we set off for UCD MIND and Marco fell asleep within 5 minutes. Check! We were high-fiving each other, it was pretty hysterical (we were being quiet of course). Marco was even snoring. Then we got to the exit, and Marco WOKE UP! Darn! I called the lady we had the appointment with, and she asked if we were willing to keep driving. So we drove for an hour, Marco WIDE AWAKE the whole time (We drove to Roseville, then turned around and drove to Galt. Crazy!!!). I called and told her it was not going to happen tonight, and could they do this under anaestesia? She said yes, but best to try without. She was going to call me for another appointment. We drive home, get near the Gereenback exit and guess what? Marco ASLEEP! Since only 5 minutes had passed, I called the lady back, and she was thrilled and told us to go ahead and come on in.
This time Marco stayed asleep all the way into the room. Then he woke up, and was suspicious of the sounds the MRI machine made (kind of a whoosh-whoosh sound). He was super tired though, so I held him in the rocking chair in the darkened room. Twice I tried to lay him on the bed by the MRI machine, he would not have any of it. Can't blame him! Altogether, we drove for 4 hours and spent one hour at the UCD MIND image center. It was an intersting night allright! We will probably have the MRI done under anaestetic, because it would be good to have the images just to make sure all is well with his brain, and to have a 'baseline' for future images (as part of this study he will have an MRI annually).


  1. Oh boy! We had an MRI done recently on Mateo and they put him under for it. I didn't know we might have had another option. Bummer! So sorry for all your trouble. What a night!

  2. Great photos, Debbie. By the way, Lisa L and the Sisterhood needs your email address. Can you send it? Thanks! Monica

  3. Thanks for following our blog, Debbie! I can't wait to meet you and all the other mommies!

  4. Hi! I just found your blog through Navya's. Cute pics! I'll be back! Btw, I LOVE your blog background. I see you got it from istockphoto, and I'm very inspired!! Gotta change my blog up a bit...