Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 16th, 2010: My Little Destroyer

It cracks me up when people (usually of an older generation) oh and ah over Annelies and call her a "sweet little gentle". While I am OK with the compliments, she is a sweet girl MOST of the time, she has a destructive side. A verrrry destructive side that rears its head when she is in the 'play area'. We moved to a larger home, so we now have the luxury to dedicate one area of the living room, that even has its own window, as a play area. When Annelies is let loose there, she does NOT waste any time in turning the storage bins upside down (OK, pun not intended...seriously). Here are the pictures as evidence.



  1. Ha ha, too funny! Great pictures!

  2. She's having a blast..I guess a room in total destruction is a small price to pay for that happy happy face :)