Monday, January 18, 2010

Jan 18, 2010: Milestones

Proud Daddy
Wind-blown Annelies in front of Lake Tahoe

It has been a while since I wrote. Last entry was when Annelies and I were in Holland. It turned out to be a wonderful trip, Annelies and I both enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

It was good to see our guys again though, after almost 2 weeks! Marco had grown, and has many more words in his reportoire in both Dutch and English. He now counts in English really well, and in Dutch pretty well. At first he counted One-Two-Three-Four-Five-Six-Mama-Eight. So very cute. He laughs a lot, and communicates much better although he does not yet communicate very directly (we can not yet have a conversation with him). I got to a point last week where I asked Marco's ST if I will ever have a conversation with him. It is difficult because I see the kind of progress kids his age make and I get a little freaked out. I do not doubt Marco's abilities. He is also very careful but steady physically and he most certainly understands dangerous situations in play (he respects heights, for example). I still have to be careful in the parking lots but he seems to understand the urgency of staying with me. He is now mimicking both speech and actions a LOT, so I think he is developmentally going forward and will catch up at some point.

With Annelies, he is pretty cute. Annelies is crawling now, so to stimulate her, I put toys or her bottle on the floor for her to crawl to. Marco picks those things up and brings them to her, so cute.

We took 2 family day-trips up to the snow. Marco took some time to get used to the snow but before long he was throwing snow balls and running around in the snow. We are going up for a couple of days in February, looking very much forward to that.

Annelies is now crawling (really crawling, on all fours). We also started standing with her, where one of us sits in front of the table and she sits on a bent knee so she can pull herself up and sit back down on the knee. I am taking it one step further and making her bend one leg at a time. She got a great little rocking horse for her B-Day (Thanks Joan!!!) which she will be using a lot (I just put it together). Her balance is wonderful, and she loves to be in an upright position like that. Adding a couple of pictures of the kids....Will write more soon.

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