Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oct 10th, 2009: NICU Reunion

Today we were invited to Sutter Roseville, for a reunion of NICU patients from the past year. The NICU has now been open for a year, and we were absolutely lucky that it opened when it did. I recognized all of the nurses who were crucial to our stay, they were all there (except for one) which was AWESOME. We chatted, I took pictures and they lined up to hold Annelies. So cool. They were genuinely happy to see her, and thrilled that she is thriving. I also saw the people whose little girl shared a room with Annelies; they were born on the same day. I took some pics and have an email address to stay in touch. (I always regretted not getting their information before we left, but that time was such a daze for all of us...).
Annelies passed her 10 month B day, unbelievable how quickly time goes. We are planning a trip to CO next week, to visit my friend Jenna and also someone we met since we started this journey. I am so looking forward to it. Some 'girlfriend' time, I am very much due for that! It will be just Annelies and I, and my first plane trip with a baby. Only 2 hours, so it should be OK. If this goes off without a hitch, we will go to NL this December to visit my family. Since Annelies is still 'portable', it is a good opportunity. I regret I never did this with Marco when he was this little, so now I will take that chance.
We are thrilled the fall has arrived. We are looking forward to visit Apple Hill in november (hopefully with friends who have kids- it is a matter of arranging our schedules), and the SUDS walk at the end of the month. I hope to do some kind of Christmas open house this year. It is also time to think about Christmad cards again!!

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