Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09/02/09: Annelies is 9 Months Old

Hard to believe that Annelies was born 9 months ago. She is 9 months old, and thriving. She passed the 20 lb mark and is 28 1/2 inches long. These measurements put her in the top 75 percentile of typical growth charts for weight and length. She is able to sit independently for long amounts of time, and can spend some time on her hands and knees with hip support. She is starting to army-crawl a little, but sometimes goes sideways or backwards. Not sure how she does that. She is incredibly talkative, and babbles a lot with influctions/intonations in her speech, really cute. She also laughs out loud. I remember Marco doing exactly the same at that age. She is a little, uh, louder than Marco was though. She is starting to be interested in toys, and reaching a lot for different things we hand to her. Eating is going well (hence, the healthy weight). She eats a lot of fruit and is becoming more familiar with vegatables. I am preparing foods a little more lumpy so she gets used to texture. She is not bothered by this.
I am kind of forgetting what 'typical' milestones are, not really keeping track anymore of what Annelies does and how 'far behind' she is. I know some of the major milestones, like walking of course, but am not so bothered anymore that she will be developing at her own pace. That said, she really really likes to stand up. When she is on my lap of on the floor in front of me, and I grab her hands, she is up on her feet in a flash. So cute. But the biggest factor in standing is trunk control, if she does not have trunk control, she needs to lock her legs to stand up. She is getting much more trunk control since she is sitting up independently now, so she certainly is getting stronger.
It is hard to believe 9 months went so quickly. Soon I have to start thinking about planning a 1 st B-Day party for her!

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