Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 25, 2009: Growing Up So Fast

Funny how I don't really notice my kids' growth until I take a picture. I kept the camera nearby all weekend and took some pictures of both kids. When I looked at Marco's pictures, I was amazed at how 'un-toddler-like' he looked in them, especially the one where is is wearing the red shirt (which has to be my favorite of his shirts- courtesy of our friends the D'Arcy family). He is just over 2 1/2 now, and becoming more independent. Still not speaking like most kids his age, but he understands everything. Just because he does not speak or answer me back, he can follow directions in both English and Dutch. I learned that I can expect quite a lot from him. He can carry his lunch box to and from the classroom, and his plates and cups to and from the kitchen and dining room, pick up papers and toys that end up on the floor when he is playing (my Mom gave us a rack with colored boxes to store the toys in, he can help pick up and put toys away in that). So that is kind of nice. I give him small tasks, and if it is too much to understand I break the task down (like: 1: pickup item. 2: Carry item down stairs. 3: Put item in laudry hamper.) So I have a little helper who is really proud of himself when I thank him for his help or praise him for listening to me. Very cool. He is also starting to interact more with his sister. She will sit up and smile at him, and he smiles back. It is really cute to watch. This was happening a lot on Sunday. Of course later in the day, she cried for some reason or other, not even hard or anything, but Marco walked right over and whacked her on the head. Where the heck did he learn that??? I reprimanded him sternly for that. She did not even care. He did not whack her hard, really does not have the capacity to yet, but it was kind of a shock to me. I guess it won't be the last time...I mean, they are close in age, there will probably be fights. I do hope that for the most part they will get along. Time will tell...

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