Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 2, 2009: Solids and Snow

It has been a while since I added an entry to this blog. Not even sure if anyone reads it, but hey, maybe the kids will enjoy it when they are a little bit bigger.

Annelies was introduced to solid food a week ago. Esther, the EI lady who comes once a week to work with us, told us it is time. So, out came the rice cereal and teh tiniest spoon we have in the house. I mixed a tablespoon with some formula and sat down with Annelies in her 'eating chair', and it went really well! She made smacking sounds with her mouth and sucked on the spoon, it was an interesting new sensation for her and she obviously enjoyed it! I was relieved that she took to it so well. She smiled at me a couple of times during the meal.

Now that she has been eating rice cereal 2 times a day for a week, I added a tiny bnit of banana to it today, she seemed to like that also. I did decide to give her her solid mealk separately from a bottle though, that allows her to digest the solid for a bit before adding a bunch of formula and possibly making her throw up (like she did this morning).

Last weekend, we took Marco to see his first snow. It was a Sunday, we had nothing else to do, and we decided to take a drive up to Lake Tahoe before all the snow leaves for the summer. There was still some on the ground in patches. Marco enjoyed going from the dirt to the snow, the snow was crunchy under his feet and the dirt was like what he was used to. He fell in the snow a few times and realized it is very cold on his hands (it was a relatively warm day, so we did not have gloves for him because we did not spend a particularly long time in the snow.)

I am glad we went up there to introduce Marco to the snow, next year we will take a sleigh and let him ride it, he will enjoy that for sure!


  1. Good eating. I used to have a chair just like that.

  2. We atarted with that chair too and then changed to a Fisher Price Space Saver highchair because it has a 5 point harness and attaches to a regular chair. Now she can eat at the table with us and not fall over or out!

    Congrats on this big milestone!