Sunday, May 31, 2009

5/31/09 Just Pictures

Annelies 5 1/2 months old (May 2009)

Marco about 5 1/2 months old (July 2007- picture taken by Liselot)

I am a cheapskate; therefore my childern will be sharing outfits (not to mention toys and such) at times. This outfit is so cute, it was given to Marco 2 years ago by our friends Bryan and Shannan, they bought it at the Margaritaville store (yeah, I am sure it wasn't cheap). I loved it, and saved it for Annelies, and she fits it now too.
It is so cool to have 2 kids and experience several things twice. These pictures were taken right around the 6 month mark for each child, and at this time, Annelies is still keeping up with her big Brother where it comes to skills (we notice some delay, that is to be expected and not freaked out about).
Funny enough, on pictures you 'see' the DS more than when you look at Annelies in person. Even though I notice it less, and my Daughter more (does that make sense?). This is a good thing because as she grows it will become more obvious. I dread the time that will come where Annelies will be recognized for her DS and not for herself. I know it will bother me more than it will bother her. I also know that there will be the important people in our lives (and the occasional stranger) to whom it won't matter, who will see and treat her as a whole person.
I think the one thing my kids have in common are the fact that they have infectious smiles that light up their whole faces.