Saturday, February 7, 2009

Feb 7th: Marco and the Grapes

Marco Loves (with Capital L) grapes. To such a point that he was able to hunt down the container I had sitting on the counter (had not put it back in the fridge yet), and somehow get it to the floor (the counter is still higher than Marco, so for him to get it on the ground without dropping it was surprising). I was feeding Annelies, and usually can hear what Marco is up to (yeah, another one of those skills that seems to be born when the second child is: the skill to hear what child #1 is up to.) I was listening to him but did not hear familiar sounds, so I had to take a peek. Then I had to get my camera, because he was just so involved trying to get the grapes off the bunch. So cute. I guess if he is going to sneak tasty foods, it is good that they are somewheat healthy as well, right?

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