Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dec 23 Dinner Guests

Tonight, our friends D & M came over for dinner. D's parents, who live in So Cal, came with them. It was nice to see them again, I met them first in Florida (I met D via work, we worked in the same Department but in different groups. I knew D when he met M, and they moved to No Cal a couple of years back when D took another position with the same company. D's parents moved to So Cal around the same time, so I get to see them from time to time.)
It was nice to see them again, I like having guests over around the Holidays when we have our tree up. They brought dinner from Macaroni Grill, one of my favorite restaurants. Their Chicken Marsala is delicious. At the end of the evening, D shared with me that dinner had been paid for by someone who wished to stay anonymous. This was a very nice surprise to us, and one of the many kindnesses we have received in the past month. So many people have showed so much warmth and support, it is incredible. I will never be able to repay them all, but I will certainly try!
Dec 24th we had my Mom and Leif over for dinner. I made a standing rib roast, which came out beautifully. I have been enjoying cooking & baking since I am not working right now. It is fun to be domestic, I feel like I am "playing house". Once I go back to work cooking will be done less often, and I will freeze more. We have a deep freeze now, it will come in handy!
We celebrated Christmas evening at my Mom's, with Edgar (older Brother) and his wife Susan. This was the first time we took the kids somewhere, and it cracks me up: I have packed lighter to go to Holland then to take 2 kids 30 minutes down the road. I had heard parents complain in the past and really never gave it much thought. Now I am thinking a mini van is not an excessive luxury.

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